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About me

Full-Stack Developer from Berlin.

My name is Diana, but you can also call me Dee (A nickname which I've got from the military). I'm an Economics & Business Management graduate originally from Israel, now based in Berlin, Germany. I'm an only child, yet my friends are considered no less than family. I worked later as an IT Administrator at a music start-up and absolutely loved it, which leads me to my second biggest passions in life - music. I've been playing guitar since I was 13 y.o., harmonica too, and discovered I could sing at the age of 16. My taste in music is widely broad. My favourite genres are mainly classical, glam & hard rock, indie, power & thrash metal, R&B, american country and some 90s rock & pop. 🎸🎤

Apart from enjoying music I'm working on my 3rd Dan in Shotokan Karate - my greatest passion of all đŸĨ‹. This martial art type encompasses many elements such as: kicking techniques, Kata as a fighting art, breathing correctly and even meditation. But amongst all that, to me it means pure love. Kara-te means empty-hand in Japanese. Simply not using any sort of weapon. You can find more in detail here.

I've discovered my passion for coding in the last two years starting from the "SheCodes" workshop while working as an IT system administrator and a data protection coordinator at a music startup, observing my fellow developer colleagues at their best workflow, learning from them and enjoying every second of it. On top of that, I attended tech Meetups, took independent lectures, online courses and exercises in order to extend my knowledge. You can never learn enough and I'm always keen and eager on being introduced to more platforms. Throughout an intensive coding bootcamp ("Ironhack"), I've learned a bunch of interesting, useful technologies that can bring me forward in my new career path. These technologies implemented in my projects, have allowed me to showcase my technical abilities and problem-solving skills while applying my knowledge of JavaScript, MongoDB, ReactJS, ExpressJS and NodeJS.

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